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The Edinburgh Botanic Garden (Sibbald) Trust
An independent private charitable trust - SC 016908
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The Sibbald Trust was registered as a trust with charitable status in 1978.  It was established to provide the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, at that time fully funded by Government, with an independent source of finance.  The formal Declaration of Trust was widely drawn in order that the Trust could help support any of the Garden's manifold botanical or horticultural interests.

In the past 30 years, most of the recipients of grants have been -


Members of the Garden staff, scientific or horticultural;


Associates of the Garden;


Foreign botanists or horticulturists.

It has not given grants towards horticultural or botanical diplomas or degrees; nor has it supported student collecting expeditions.

In recent years, Sibbald has placed special emphasis on supporting alpha-taxonomic research, mainly on flowering plants.  In addition to giving short-term research grants, it has funded several 1 or 2-year post-graduate or post-doctorate fellowships.  These recipients have worked on the taxonomy, phytogeography or floral development in Begoniaceae, Gesneriaceae, Sapotaceae and Zingiberaceae families of special interest to the Garden; one worked on a liverwort genus.  When sufficient funds have been built up from investment income, donations or bequests, these fellowships have been advertised through the usual media.

Sibbald has also given grants for -

Field-work in many different countries (e.g. Chile, China, Madagascar, New Caledonia, Yemen).

Visiting foreign botanists wishing to make use of the Garden's rich herbarium/library resources and living collection.

Publication of botanical/historical works.

Study tours by staff members.

Digitising and data-basing photographic collections.

In general, it has supported studies or activities that would not necessarily have had funding by the Garden.

The Sibbald Trustees liaise with Garden management in considering grant applications and their functions vis--vis the Garden, but maintain independence of thought and deed.  The Chairman of Trustees is Dr A F Dyer. The other trustees are -

Prof S Blackmore

Prof P M A Broda

Dr D G Long

Mr R P White

Further information about the Trust can be obtained from the Trust's Secretary, Mr I C Hedge.

Contact details
Postal Address      Mr I C Hedge
Royal Botanic Garden
Edinburgh  EH3 5LR
Telephone 0131 248 2955
Web Site http://www.rbge.org.uk/
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